Living by Myself | Hard But Funny Days

Friends are very precious for your life.

Mega Ryu

I have been living alone for about a half month!!

Why did you decide to live alone?

What is it like living alone?

What are the benefits of living alone in Japan?


My Decision to Live Alone


I like spending time with friends.

So I do not like to live alone at first.

When I was living with my family at home, I did not want to live alone. I like spending time with friends. If I went far to live alone, it would be difficult for me to meet my friends. I wanted to avoid this situation.

As you say, friends are important for your life.

So why did you decide?


That is…”challenge.”

I am a student of Keio University(Mita Campass). The Mita Campus is located in Kanagawa. My parents’ home is Tokyo, so it takes about 2 hours to get to the Mita campus. So I couldn’t go to school much.

I wanted to go to my campus more easily. I wanted to have more time to study economics. I wanted to get more time to play with my friends. Certainly, it was hard to leave my hometown. However, in order to live a better student life, I chose to live a dormitory in Kanagawa prefecture.

What is it like living a Dormitory?


At the beginning, loneliness was hard. But now I’m comfortable!!

My room
My room

At the beginning, loneliness was hard. Of course dormitory managers welcomed me friendly. When I was alone in my room, however, I felt lonely —no friends near me. I called many friends to distract the loneliness. Many of them encouraged me. So I became positive to a new life!!

Fortunately, the dormitory manager handle the cooking and garbage disposal. Their homemade dishes are very delicious!! All I have to do is wash my clothes and clean my room. I have never done these housework,but I enjoyed these housework.

Furthermore, the dormitory managers kindly told me about my dormitory life— meal time, bath time, and good cleaning methods. It was my first time doing these household chores, but thanks to their advice, I managed to get through.

My room, which was empty at first, gradually became a living room. I decorated the room with the cherry blossom ornaments that I used to decorate at my home. I calm down when I see it. Besides, I bought a new electric kettle, a small desk and fashionable curtains. Not only are they practical and improve my quality of life, but they also make my room look cute as an interior goods.

The benefits of living alone in Japan

In Japan, I mainly live with my family until high school. In college, some people continue to live in their parents’ homes, while others live alone.


I think there are three main benefits to living alone.


You can create your own room

Japanese youth don’t have much money. Therefore, they find their favorite room with as little money as possible, and arrange furniture and appliances in the room. I was very happy when I was able to get a fashionable table at a department store.

You can reduce commuting time

You can make a meaningful time by reducing your attendance time. For example, you can spend time cooking and cleaning after returning home. You can also spend your time studying economics, literature and foreign languages. With daily accumulation, those actions will improve your future.

You can invite friends to your house

In Japan, we rarely invite friends to our parents’ home. On the other hand, if you live alone, you can easily invite your friends. You can get a deeper bond with your friends by inviting them to your home.


Epilogue: What I Learned from Living Alone


Changes in life add depth!!

You may get tired of your daily life.

In that case, let’s move!!

Living in a new environment will increase the depth of your life!!

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