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I am MegaRyu.


I have a policy of living positively! There are a lot of things that have changed my life positively. I would like to introduce one of them.

When I was a freshman of Yokohama National University, I was pretty bored with my life — I was not interested in my major subject (economic or sociology) and the university itself. One day, on the library, I was watching YouTube videos for no particular reason. Then I encounted a YouTube creator — Joe Vlog!


He contribute amusing videos, and I enjoy watching them! Mainly he make these videos.

①Travel Journal

His travel videos are not normal— nutso! For example, he went across the U.S. with no money. How did he achieve? He used hitchhiking. He waited hours to get in the car. It was very harsh. When he reached the goal (New York), he said “Just one life, you can be opposed, laughed by others, try anything! Make a big dream come true!”. This phase gave me courage, excitement and motivation to be a YouTube creator!

②Crazy Challenger (calling himself)

He has interesting challenges not only overseas but also in Japan! I like the videos he took in Nishinari, Osaka. Nishinari is a city of lower citizens. Many people may consider Nishinari to be a city of riots and crime, but the appearance of Nishinari in his video was completely different.

I influenced by his videos, so I actually went to Nishinari. In Nishinari, there are hotels at 1400 yen per one night and ramen at 100 yen per one meal. Nishinari citizens talked kindly to me. The hotel staff provided a hotel room specially for me (I did not have a place to live —Most hotels in Nishinari do not stay overnight.).


I decided to live positively with his video. It was really nice to meet him. Next I want to motivate you. I want to create a society where many people pursue petrification toward their goals. For that I write a blog, post a Twitter and make a YouTube video!! Expect my success!


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